DayZ devs explains last week incident

Last week was though for Bohemia Interactive, because of the hacker breach into the DayZ forums.

Today, the developers gives few insights on what was happening:

The forum hack took place on the morning of Saturday, January 23, Bohemia said in a statement to forum members that was passed along to GameSpot. Within an hour, the developer initiated a “maintenance takedown” of the DayZ forums in an attempt to confirm the hack and investigate it.

After confirming there was in fact a security breach, Bohemia said it sent out a tweet to inform members they might want to change their passwords; a more in-depth message was sent by email as well. This email didn’t go through to everyone right away due to a technical issue, but it eventually did.

“While we will not specify the number of users affected, we will say that the information hacked was usernames, passwords, and emails,” Bohemia added. “Fortunately, this information had a layer of protection via a hashed, salted algorithm, so accessing the data stolen was not as simple as reading it on the page.”


“We’ll additionally be implementing other protective measures in hopes of avoiding similar incidents in the future,” the developer said. “We very much sympathize with our community and continue to express our apologies for the frustration caused by this breach. Our team is working diligently to provide them a more secure forum experience.”

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