Valhalla Hills recieved sandy DLC

Daedalic Entertainment has announced that the first major DLC, Sands of the Damned, for Valhalla Hills is now available.

The content sees those stubborn Vikings traveling from their cozy Northlands and ending up in the desert. The new region forces them to settle on a much flatter mountain surrounded by moving sands instead of an ocean. As such, they’ll be forced to change some of their activity. Cacti replace berries. Since fishing will be more difficult, they’ll have to learn to irrigate crops, using a new building called Irrigator that turns sand into meadows. They’ll also deal with new enemies, such as mummies and scorpions, which stream out of portals that must be dealt with.

The new DLC is accompanied by a major patch that adds new features as well. According to the publisher, “Dwellings, for example, have been overhauled and there will be new, better tools for hunters and couriers. Also the work flow of the Vikings has been optimized. They will now coordinate their tasks and goods will be delivered to the place they’re needed most.” Naturally, the update also fixes some lingering bugs and glitches, too.


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