Browser-MMO Asterix & Friends introduces its big Flower Event

In Asterix & Friends, the browser game dedicated to the famous French comic book heroes, romance is in the air! New collectable items are there to make Spring days even sweeter. Players will embark on a thrilling adventure in Gaul thanks to a new time­limited quest while enjoying the event’s new items.

In Gaul, Spring is in the air! From now on players can frolick in idyllic fields and shadowy forests to pick the most beautiful roses and lillies. Players can use them to make dashing bouquets and send them as romantic greetings to any Gaul who struck their fancy. But no sweat! For those less inclined to be romantic, it will be possible to use the thoughtful arrangements to whack their neighbours around the ears on the ring! Our Flower weeks will offer players of event quest, three new items and crafting recipes and a new, very rewarding achievement in three steps. Spring will also melt away the last snow, and with it, all wintery recipes, dishes and delicacies will vanish into thin, Spring air. However, those who still have winter items in their inventory will still be able to use them. This disappearance will make room for the new collectable items, recipes and changes that the Flower event will bring along:

  • 2 new collectables: lillies and roses
  • 1 new crafting recipe: the bouquet
  • new quest “A Gaulish love song”
  • New achievement in three steps: “Flower­picker”

Sproing has also improved the user interface, which will allow players to go through the inventory faster, by keeping the mouse button pressed. A new toturial will help players through their first days in Gaul, and the balancing and a few quests have been reworked.


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