Heliborne gets to the Early Access

Heliborne is another game that was in the closed alpha/beta testing before even getting to the Early Access.

The game will come to the Early Access today and you will be able to try this helicopter combat based game.

During Early Access, the game will feature an arcade/simulation hybrid flight model that accounts for “over 70 different aspects of flight.” An impressive 31 helicopters with multiple loadouts will be available to choose from. The number of helicopters will slowly raise towards sixty over the course of Early Access. Three maps based on the real world conflicts “Operation Nguyen Hue, Afghanistan, and the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam” will be playable. Two modes will be playable. The skirmish mode involves a standard base capture formula. Frontline involves defending convoys that spawn when you capture bases so that they can continue to “fortify bases and positions.”


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