IQ Publishing becomes a publisher of Bohemian Killing

Publisher of indie games IQ Publishing and The Moonwalls, an independent developer, have signed the agreement on distribution of the title home and abroad. Day one is planned to be in the 1st Quarter of 2016!

 Bohemian Killing is a narrative-driven courtroom drama that offers almost unlimited possibilities of solving the lawsuit, thanks to complete integratiion of the gameplay with the story. It is an outstanding mixture of elements derived from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Gone Home.

The story is set within two time frames. In the present – players, acussed of a brutal murder, finds themselves locked up in teh courtroom. They are getting acquainted with the evidence,
witnesses’ testimony and questions posed by the judge. Each question triggers a flashback, the other timespace, which influences following testimony. During the flashbacks players find themsleves in one of the Parisian districts with each of thier decisions, interactions and action affecting Alfred Ethons’ testimony and the final verdict.
In order to prove themselves not quilty, players will have to make difficult decisions. Will they be telling lies, seeking evidence to prop their testimony, or maybe pretending to be insane? All depends on individual decision. Due to wide range of possibilities that can lead to several standard endings and an additional hidden one, there is no “wrong path” in the game, which ensures each playthrough will be different.
Steampunk Paris, set against the background of the late 19th century, torn between tradition and modernity. Class differences and pervasive racism which finally leads to a tragedy – all this,
illustrated by beautiful tunes by young and talented Polish composer Marcin Maślanka, creates unique and intelligent doze of entertainment for all fans of the genre.
More details coming soon!

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