New Section of the Albion Online Website

Today Sandbox Interactive, the developer of cross-platform medieval MMORPG Albion Online, launched a new section of the game’s website dedicated specifically to the lore of Albion.

While Albion Online is a sandbox game where places and people continuously deepen the story, the mythological lore of Albion plays a huge part in understanding the reasons behind various occurrences in the game. The new section of the website has been created in cooperation with acclaimed English author Peter Newman. Newman also wrote “Landfall”, a novel based on the world of Albion that will launch next week.

Find the new lore section on Albion Online’s website here:

This new section features extensive background information on Albion Online, including a historical timeline and event descriptions, as well as detailed explanations of all of Albion’s factions and their sub-factions, such as Colonists, Royals, Heretics and Undead, among others. Interested players can now learn about the ancient war between Albion’s factions that devastated the lands of Albion and covered it in mists up until the player’s arrival. Additionally, it describes places like “The Old World”, “The Demonic Planes” and “The Land of the Undead” that are in fact ‘outside’ Albion’s world, however hold a strong influence on the overall lore development.

Sandbox Interactive also announced that the information of the lore will be taken into account for future game development and that players can expect to find references to the lore more frequently in the game going forward while the studio is getting ready for the full release ofAlbion Online later this year.


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