‘Into the Stars’ gets March 4th release

Space roguelike Into the Stars has been in Steam Early Access since July 2015, and developer Fugitive Games has announced the game will finally be released this coming March 4th on Steam for $19.99.

A 3D space sim version of FTL, Into the Stars puts players in the role of a Captain on the run from a hostile alien force as they’re looking for a new home for humanity in a massive star system. Players have to outfit their ships, pick their crew, aid needy citizens and scavenge resources as they explore the system.

“Since launching into Early Access we’ve received solid feedback from the gaming community, and with their help we’ve fine tuned Into The Stars’ massive world to provide a compelling experience,” stated the studio’s development director, Ben Jones, in a press release issued to announce the launch. “With distinctive gameplay and replayability that will challenge players for hours, we think the final version of Into The Stars will thrill those who supported us through Kickstarter and Early Access, as well as anyone discovering the game for the first time.”

Iceberg Interactive is publishing Into the Stars, which is the first game produced by indie developer Fugitive Games. The game also features a score by Myst and Mass Effect composer Jack Wall. Gamers can check out the official site here.

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