Pinstripe is a 2D adventure game about an ex-minister named Teddy who must explore Hell in search of his daughter Bo, who has been kidnapped by a strange entity claiming to be God.

Pinstripe features bizarre and interesting puzzles, strange monsters to shoot with your handy shotgun, and unique and lovable characters to engage with in order to advance through Hell.

Simple gameplay is the cornerstone of Pinstripe, and was the goal from the start. With simplistic and casual gameplay, the player can focus on the art, music, and story, and become immersed in the beautiful atmosphere. The goal of Pinstripe is to make you feel like a kid again without being bogged down with stuff that is confusing and unnecessarily. This is achieved by picking up the controller, running around and exploring the strange world, hanging out with funny characters, and occasionally shooting your shotgun to complete puzzles. For Pinstripe, simple gameplay makes exploring Hell super fun.


  • Highly polished, illustrative 2D graphics.
  • An emotionally charged story about fatherhood and Hell.
  • A detective styled adventure. Help your dog George uncover clues about your past.
  • A moody, beautiful¬†soundtrack reminiscent of the Zelda franchise¬†featuring piano and classical instrumentation.
  • Old-school, simplistic platforming and character interaction.
  • Strange and challenging on-screen puzzles.
  • 6 strange and elegantly designed worlds (forest, train, cave, canyon, lake, and cliff!)
  • That wonderful feeling of adventure and exploration you used to get when you played games like King’s Quest, Myst, and The Legend of Zelda.

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