New upgrade system in Survarium

It’s been a long time since we wrote something about Survarium or I even read something interesting about the game.

Survarium’s Public Test Server has been upgraded this week, adding a stack of new features to the first-person shooter.

Here’s all the weapon mods in the game so far:

  • Muzzle Devices
  • Flash Hider: reduces muzzle flashes.
  • Vertical and horizontal muzzle breaks: decrease the vertical and horizontal recoil by 5%.
  • Silencer: reduces the shot loudness, decreases the effective range by 10%.
  • Duckbill: decreases the vertical dispersion of buckshot.
  • Choke: decreases the dispersion of buckshot.
  • Heavy barrel: reduces the dispersion by 20%.
  • Long barrel: increases the effective range by 20%.
  • Grips and Laser Sights
  • LS (laser sight): reduces the dispersion when firing from the hip by 10%.
  • Vertical grip: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Angled grip: reduces the scatter of fire in movement by 10%.
  • Potato grip: reduces the sight sway by 15%.
  • Scopes
  • Collimator.
  • х2 scope.
  • х3 scope.
  • х4 scope.
  • х6 scope.
  • х8 scope.
  • Alternate х3/х6 magnification scope.
  • Alternate х4/х8 magnification scope.
  • Gunstocks (only for AS VAL, 9A-91, VSS, VSK-94 instead of muzzle devices)
  • Ergonomic stock: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Sniper stock: reduces the aiming time by 20%.


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