First Wonder has been cancelled

First Wonder, the Giants: Citizen Kabuto spiritual successor, has been cancelled, sadly.

First the Kickstarter campaign didn’t met the goal. The game was able to fund less than $50k of $500k they were asking. After that, there was a little hope that developers could find other source of funding for the game, but that failed too and developers were sadly forced to cancel the game.

This next few quotes are taken from reddit, where one user posted the content of the developer email, explaining.

“After the kickstarter failed we looked for other opportunities and partnerships to keep the development going. While your donations helped we were still self-funding 95% of the project directly out of pocket. The amount of investment needed to get the game to the next stage was too large for us to handle by ourselves.

“We had some interesting conversations but regardless of how excited some were for the project it came down to numbers and risk. For publishers, the kickstarter showed we just didn’t have or couldn’t find the audience.”

“I’m still very passionate about making games like these” the email concludes. “I always will be. They are unique and therefore rather hard to sell but once we get a foot hold I think they’ll be here to stay. I remain undeterred but it’s clearly been too many years since Giants and MDK and If I want to build games like First Wonder then I have to start off much smaller, simpler and grow a new audience. I have such a game in mind.”


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