Battleborn is the biggest investment for Gearbox

Gearbox Software’s upcoming shooter Battleborn represents the company’s “biggest investment” ever.

“We’ve invested more than Borderlands 1 and 2 added together into Battleborn,” he said. “And we don’t even know if people will be interested or not.”

“When other people started showing up with things that touched on it, it actually motivated us,” he said. “First, there’s some competition, which is a fun challenge. But also, wow, those guys are really smart, too and they think there’s something here. Maybe we’re not crazy after all; maybe there’s a customer for this game.”

“It’s challenging, too, because no one is doing quite what we’re doing,” he added. “Most people are using a free-to-play angle or some other stuff. But we make AAA–you spend your money and you know you’ve got a full product and a valuable product and you’ve got a full experience there.”


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