GAME SPOTLIGHT: Kill to Collect

The deep levels of Geoshelter Alpha is the home for the misfortunate lower classes, down below is a place of chaos and anarchy, as it lacks any form of order and law. Thus it’s the hiding place for humanity’s worst kind of survivors.

You are a Bounty Hunter. Without any remorse or judgement, you take on jobs, eliminate targets and collect Credits. Your mission objectives hide in the deeper levels, usually protected by their vile friends. You can take your chances alone, but bounty hunting is best done with friends! So choose your powers, gather your friends and go hunting in a Cyberpunk-inspired city world filled with danger, mystery and treasures.


  • Skill based combat
  • Challenging action in 10-30 minute sessions
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Designed for coop, but fulfilling in single player
  • Cyberpunk universe inspired by 80’s Mangas

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