The Dark Fist – a new, free expansion for Punch Club

Indie label tinyBuild in partnership with developer Lazy Bear Games announce a free expansion for Punch Club to thank its community for incredible support, and share latest sales numbers.
Punch Club just crossed 2 million US┬ádollars in sales across PC,Android, and iOS! This brings the total number of units to 250k.To celebrate, we are doing a free expansion (aka “free DLC?”). Yes, free updates and the game’s not even Early Access!

Release dates!

  • March 8th on Steam
  • March 10th on iOS & Android
New Content!
  • New storyline where you find a suitcase that pinpoints crimes in the city. Only logical thing to do is put on a mask and start fighting crime.
  • 3 hours of new content
  • Easily accessible from the house
Cross-Platform Cloud Saves!
  • Start playing on PC, continue on mobile or vice-versa!
  • Yes, we also want to continue playing between desktop and mobile
  • This was the #2 most requested feature
Twitch Integration! Bet on fights!
  • Streaming Punch Club will never be the same! The #1 most requested feature
  • Twitch integration will allow users to make bets during fights
  • Points gained from winning bets will be transferable into tangible rewards, super-charge your twitch-audience! Details will follow.

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