Creepy Road 2D Run N’ gun game discloses its scenario secrets!

Groovy Milk has recently started a Creepy Road
Kickstarter campaign and just in a few days Kickstarter Team marked the game with a pin “Project we Love”.

“Creepy Road is great! We are definitely fans of the game here at Kickstarter” – Anya Combs, Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter.

Groovy Milk has already revealed a new, which is called “Town”. All arts and graphics in Creepy Road are carefully handcrafted. Players will have a chance to survive at a crazy Circus, visit Gas station and pass through a burning Airplane, have fun at a Fair and by all means a classic run&gun can’t do without city sewers? Many more colorful and dangerous places are scheduled to make gamers’ journey exciting, sufficiently bloody and good-looking.

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