Trinium Wars revealed class system

Today developer Hanmaru Soft and Publisher InselGames introduce Trinium Wars’ upcoming class system.

The post-apocalyptic MMORPG Trinium Wars will feature three classes in total, Warrior, Ghost and Esper, for players to form strong groups and rely on teamplay to defeat Mutants and the enemy faction. A Narc fighter shows off her skills in the new PvE teaser. Trinium Wars will launch on Steam Early Access 2nd of March 2016.

Hanmaru Soft has released new information about its upcoming title Trinium Wars over the past weeks, but the thirst for knowledge of the community has yet to be satisfied. Most asked topic in the steam forums is the class system and today Hanmaru Soft will lift the curtain and present it in detail.

Warrior: As two handed sword wielding masters of melee attacks, Warriors can take on several enemies at once. Although being very effective with melee attacks, Warriors are also equipped with a machine gun for ranged support. With heavy armor on, they are perfect tanks, nevertheless they can support allies with buffs and smaller heals as well.
Ghost is an agile class, depending on quick attacks, stuns and debuffs. Equipped with claws and a machine gun, attacks are both based on long-range and close quarter combat. Ghosts can lay traps, make themselves invisible and even detect other invisible units. They are masters of the shadows and skilled in evading danger due to their light armor.
Esper, the third class in Trinium Wars, uses range attack only. They can freely manipulate energies of nature and use diverse elemental powers. Esper possess powerful single-target or areal skills and also take the role of a health and status healer for party members. They supplement their weaker body with protective skills, summons and teleportation.

All three classes have different skillsets. Skills can be bought and upgraded at trainers for Tau, which is an inferior version of the precious Trinium. Each class can acquire an additional skillset called mechanic skill. The mechanic skillset consists of 10 base skills, which every class can learn, ranging from summoning machinery, setting up mines to mortar attacks, plus eight class exclusive skills. In contrast to normal skills, the mechanic skill can not be learned from a trainer but either be found as rare loot or crafted in the base building mode. The sheer amount of skills to choose from allow variations inside the three different classes. Together with the detailed character customization every player can create and progress their character to their own liking and set their own focus. Trinium Wars will be available via Steam Early Access 2nd of March 2016.


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