Bierzerkers goes F2P

Game that entered Steam Early Access last year in the summer is now in 1.0 version and it will going to be free to play.

If you are not familiar with the game, read our preview of the game.

I remember playing this game with our previewer and one of the main problems of the game was the lack of the players and I think that’s the main reason why developers decided to change the “business” model. In the F2P version of the game you will be only able to play with Raider class, but if you want to enjoy in other classes you’ll need to give some money.

Going to the F2P model is the main news of this 1.0 version, there are few more changes like: Customization / Progression, Post Match Report, Maps, Modes and many more, but you can read all about this in the Devblog.


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