Kaidan, an asymmetrical horror game is on Kickstarter

A multiplayer horror game about players becoming storytellers, about the obscure pleasure of scaring others and being scared yourself.

Game is seeking $75 000 and if you want to help, go to the Kickstarter page.


  • Kaidan System: A comprehensive system for creating horror scenarios. It allows the players to:
     Create levels in different settings such as hotels, mansions, hospitals, etc.
    Create characters including Victims (protagonists) and Haunters (antagonists) with highly varied abilities and characteristics.
    Integrate user created riddles and puzzles into the game level to create a unique experience and story.
    Add user-generated content such as text, voice and images to enrich and narrate your story.
  • Scare or Get Scared: Asymmetric Multiplayer Horror game where a solo Haunter scares a group of Victims utilizing unique game mechanics.
  • Community Driven: The game is driven by the community of players who create, share, play and rate the horror stories.
  • Role-playing Elements: Playing as the Haunter is a unique role-playing experience. The Haunter tries to scare other players while driving the story in his/her own way.
  • Procedural Level Generation: Based on the Storyteller’s input for each scenario, levels will be procedurally generated, so every single story can be experienced in many different forms.
  • Victim Characters: Victims are the human characters in each scenario. By customizing their items and abilities, they’ll fit almost any of the stereotypical characters in the horror genre.
  • Haunter Classes: Haunters have various classes based on stereotypical villains in the horror genre as well as a vast array of abilities to ensure every Haunter can be different.
  • Virtual Reality Support:

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