New update comes to the Allods Online

Allods Online New Order, or Update 7.0, is a wide asortment of content, changes and improvements that will be rolled out during 16 months.

The releases will be broken down into 4 mini-seasons that will each feature new parts to the story, an increase in equipment levels, and access to new astral sectors and raids. A mini-season will last for about four months.

The formula of equipment scores will change along with the removal of Glyphs and Dragon Relics, and overall the scores will become lower. Equipment level affects player’s abilities to access PvE content as well as the assortment of goods provided by the Box vendors and the quality of Boxes received from daily quests. To reach the equipment level required to unlock the next layer, players will collect a whole set of crafted and/or looted equipment of the current layer. However, increasing their stats to 100% will not be necessary.


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