Rainbow Six Siege Patch improves Anti-Cheating Measures

One of the cheating counter-measures to be introduced to Siege through the patch is a new “Report” button, which will allow you to flag behavior you deem to be suspicious. These reports will then be sent to Ubisoft for a final determination.

Another new feature is a kill cam for ranked matches.

“We are aware that there is a certain widespread sentiment that high level ranked matches are often ruined by cheaters. We want to deter ‘witch hunting’ as much as possible,” Ubisoft said. “While there were legitimate design reasons to remove the kill cam from ranked, we cannot compromise on the quality of our game experience. For this reason, we are enabling the kill cam on ranked matches to remove this ‘hiding spot’ for cheaters.”

More from Ubisoft’s explanation follows below.

“It will help the community as well as ourselves identify suspicious behaviors with a better level of certainty. Given the nature of our game (destruction, observation tools, high lethality), players are very likely to have doubts about what happened when they get killed,” it said. “This causes confusion whether they died by a legitimate player or a cheater. This doubt causes a negative atmosphere for everyone regardless of the presence of cheaters in the match. Therefore, activating the kill cam in Ranked serves two purposes: make it harder for cheaters to hide and improve players’ perception by allowing them to witness how they got killed. In the long term, we will also be working on improving the kill cam in order to make it more accurate and reliable.”


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