Conclave Available now for Crusader Kings II!

Today we are thrilled to release the new expansionCrusader Kings II: Conclave puts court politics at the center of the game, as you manage a royal council now full of powerful players who demand a voice in how your realm is reigned.Conclave comes with improvements to many areas of the game. The highlight is the new council system, where your vassals may oppose your royal wishes and push for voting on laws. We’ve also improved military aspects and modified how youth at court are educated and put royal marriages back at the center of medieval alliances.

We’re also releasing the Crusader Kings II: Conclave Content Pack that includes two new Boat Unit Packs, one Portrait Pack, new male and female Councilor Models, Event pictures and Loading Screens as well as the new Corners of the Earth Building Pack for the new Conclave Expansion Pack.

To celebrate the release of Conclave we are also offering the two previous expansions Way of Life and Horse Lords for 66% off until Friday February 5 23:59 CEST.


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