Mounting and taming in Wild Terra

A special item will be added to the game, which allows you to tame wild animals. After the taming will be open a possibilities of feeding, riding (for large animals) and other options. Each player will be able to tame the more than one animal. To care for animals will be added a special construction, such as a stall, as well as items. If you stop to feed and care for tamed animals, then after a while it will become wild again.

Like the any other animal, they can also die. For premium or paid mounts, will probably be provided for the possibility of resurrection. It should be noted that the tamed animals will not be able to hide in the your inventory: you either are on top of him, or they are free to walk around the map.

In the future, we may add a mount equipment, as well as other options for their use (eg, storage of items).

Animal riding is already implemented at the Closed Test server, and the remaining features of this taming mechanics the would be made later.

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