Stellaris multiplayer revealed

In the latest Stellaris dev diary, Paradox Interactive has revealed a multiplayer mode for the game.

Games will support up to 32 player-run empires, plus numerous extra AI-controlled factions. New players can join into existing empires, and those dropping out of a game can leave their faction in the hands of the AI. Hosts can also start up multiplayer games from saves, so you can keep your quest for galactic domination going on indefinitely.

The developers have also focused on making the multiplayer a more stable experience than ever. ”One of our longstanding issues with multiplayer is that clients desynchronize, which is usually solved by having the host rehost the game, but this can be quite a menace when playing multiplayer with 20+ people, so we’ve decided that this is an issue we should prioritize higher in Stellaris. Thanks to persistent testing and fixing of out-of-syncs as soon as they happen, we’ve managed to make Stellaris our most stable multiplayer experience yet.”


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