Heroes and Generals recieved Panther Update

Heroes & Generals receives a new major content update, introducing the legendary Panther German Tank, the M29 Weasel vehicle for the US faction, new camouflage patterns for the US troops, new ammunition and item bundles.

Danish studio Reto-Moto keeps providing players with constant updates to their free to play MMO shooter. Now it’s turn for the Panzerkampfwagen Panther Ausf. G, a medium tank created as a direct response to the Soviet T-34. This German tank has been the most requested from the community and now it’s available.

The update, dubbed ‘Bauer – Panther‘, also introduces armor piercing ammunition for some tanks and the versatile M29 Weasel vehicle, available for infantry US soldiers. This vehicle can be upgraded with two crates containing health, ammunition or anti-tank supplies.

The US troops also receive new uniforms with experimental camouflage: Forest Caro, Forest Fall and Forest Moss. And the in-game store has now a section with item bundles, containing upgraded weapons, exclusive skins, Ribbon Boosters and Veteran Memberships. All bundles can be purchased using gold and credits.

Watch the trailer for this content update now:

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