PREVIEW: Clustertruck


Status: In Development

Developer: Landfall Games

Publisher: tinyBuild

Genre: Jumping from truck to truck

Release date: Fall 2016

If you  really want a short description of the game, then just read what I wrote under the genre above. If you want a little bit more complicated description of the game then read this: “Clustertruck is chaotic physics based game in which you jump from one truck to other trucks. Your goal is to finish the level by standing on one of the trucks,”

I remember getting an email announcing this new game in which you basically just jump from truck to truck and I really wasn’t interested so much. Week or two later I got invitation to the alpha testing of the game and after the few hours of thinking, I’ve decided to try the game. I already told you guys what my “gaming motto” is: “Every game deserves a chance,” and it doesn’t matter is it a puzzle, kid or some other genre/theme game, because you never know what that game hides or can hide. Believe me, you will be surprised sometimes.

The reason why I wrote the paragraph above is because the Clustertruck is one of those games with which I wasn’t really impressed and I really didn’t want to try it, but as I said, after thinking about it I decided to give it a try. The developers describe game as chaotic and I can confirm that. In this alpha test, only 16 out of 50 levels are available and as you progress the game gets more and more chaotic and harder. First of all you will need to master the jumping from one truck on another truck, because that can be tricky sometimes. Beside jumping, you can sprint and use the slow mo ability. Combining these three controls is crucial in order to finish the level and the whole game in the end. One feature that isn’t available in alpha are abilities. In the full game or in some later alpha/beta test you will collect points throughout the game (I guess) and then you will be able spend them on the abilities. There is time slow, air dash, double jump and few more abilities and 10+ more abilities that are undiscovered at the moment. Since this is an early alpha, you can only try to finish those 16 levels with basic controls. If you are one of those that care about graphics, then you might be disappointed, because you’ll not see some real-life graphics, but that’s not the point in this game and you will enjoy it, no matter what kind of graphics game uses.

Developers promises to add in-game editor into the game, steam workshop support so that players can share their levels, replay system, online leaderboard and of course abilities. Clustertruck requires skills and patience, if you don’t have enough patience, then you will not succeed in this game. Also, the game is fun, but then again it can be frustrating. With all features to be added, I can’t wait to try some new features and especially the abilities, because that will add nice touch to the game and I hope it will make game easier (not to much, though).

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