PREVIEW: Human: Fall Flat

human fall flat

Status: In Development

Developer: NoBreaksGames

Publisher: NoBreaksGames

Genre: Third-person puzzle

Release date: Q2 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve tried a puzzle game and especially very physics-based puzzle game. Human: Fall Flat is a quirky, open-ended physics-based third person puzzle and exploration game.

I wonder, why lately or generally, developers like to call their characters or something important related to game, Bob. If you remember, we (I) have reviewed Bob Was Hungry and I remember lately reading news and texts about puzzle games and remember reading Bob. Is Bob a perfect name for puzzle games? I don’t know, but it something that  I noticed.

Human: Fall Flat is a funny name for a game, but since this game isn’t so serious, I get the developer intention. You are controlling Bob, a human “stucked” in the surreal, floating dreamscapes and since this is all a dream I assume, you can be anyone and look anyhow you want. There is no story in the preview build and I don’t know will there be story in the full game, but your goal is to escape the dreams by solving puzzles, which brings me to another topic and that’s: why would you want to escape from dreams? We are talking about dreams, right? Not nightmares? Nevertheless, this is a quite good, fun and innovating game, at least it’s innovating to me and since I am not big fan of puzzle games and I haven’t played so many of them, maybe my opinion isn’t the best, but as far as I remember, there are few puzzle and some mechanics that I don’t recall seeing in other puzzle games.

There is no dying in this game, even though you can play dead, but I didn’t used it. The game has a slow introduction to it, quick and easy puzzles in the beginning and if you get stucked, you will find few video tapes, scattered throughout the game. When you pick up those video tapes, small window will pop up and the video will start playing. Serious and deep-voiced narrator will try to help you by explaining a few things about the game generally and introducing new mechanics that you will use in order to finish the level. Also he will give you few tips and you can always press ESC button to see some tips. Remember that this is very physics-based game and you will need to get used on controlling your character, because it can be frustrating sometimes, also moving around can sometimes be tricky, you will need to learn how to climb, but if you know how to climb in a real life I don’t see you having any problems with climbing in this game. You can jump, but you will not jump so high, one thing that frustrates me the most is the slowness of the character. No sprint option, it’s not like you are going to use it a lot, but sometimes you just want to move faster.

In this game you can basically interact with everything in this game, pick a rock, pick a couch, TV, just anything. You can throw it, drag it around, smash and many more things. If you are not interested in solving the puzzles, you can always explore world of Human: Fall Flat and I can already see how there will be some funny compilations about this game and people doing funny things in this game. Also if you have never drove a demolition vehicle or throw something from a catapult, don’t worry, you will be able to that in this game. Controls are very simple: WASD to move, SPACE to jump and T for playing dead. Beside playing with keyboard and mouse combination, you can play with controller and with your hands (I assume) using the real sense technology and you of course need to have a real sense compatible camera.

Human: Fall Flat is a beautiful world of real-life physics controls, solving puzzles in your dreams and trying to escape from them. It’s very fun and even though it’s a preview build I can already say, this game has a bright future and I can’t wait to try the full game. Dear fans of puzzle games and you “regular” people, be patient and wait for this game.


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