E3 Show Floor is weaker this year

None really expected that few bigger companies are going to skip this year E3.

The question, “Is E3 still relevant?” gets asked every year, ESA VP Rich Taylor told MCV.

Taylor went on to describe E3 as “beyond relevant,” saying it is an “essential and critical” time for the video game industry. The nature and makeup of the show changes and evolves over the years, but it remains the place to be in June.

“Last year if you asked most people, in the aftermath of E3 how they found it, many will tell you it was the best E3 they can remember,” he said. “But in the ramp up to that show, I was answering the same sort of questions.”

“We’ve done that this time, and we will be making adjustments to guarantee it is going to be a tremendous show.” he said. “There are a number of press briefings going on–a record number, I believe–that starts a few days before E3. That’s a reflection of the fact that people realize that this is the place to make news and break news, and have that amplified around the globe in a way like no other show can.”


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