Stardew Valley will hit half million sold copies soon

Surprise indie hit Stardew Valley has sold over 400,000 copies since its launch last week.

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the developer of the game said that game still has some undiscovered secreats.

“It’s not super significant, but it’s kind of just so weird and obscure that I don’t know if anyone will ever do it,” Barone said.

He also wants to expand every area of the game with free updates.

“People, for example, have expressed a lot of interest in me adding more marriage candidates, especially Shane for some reason,” Barone said. “And I’m definitely open to that. I like all the characters and so I’d be fine with adding pretty much anyone as a marriage candidate. Of course I only have a limited amount of time that I can spend on working on things but I’m going to try to basically expand every area I can.”

Co-op was originally planned, but it was thrown out of the game in the development process. He still has plans to add co-op to the game.

“I kind of felt like I needed to add co-op because that was something that would make it substantially different than Harvest Moon and would kind of justify its existence at all,” Barone explained. “As the game evolved and gained a lot more character of its own, I felt like its existence was justified regardless of co-op.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the development process of Stardew Valley it’s ‘Do not make estimates,'” he said. “If you can help it, never make estimates. Because I thought that Stardew Valley was going to be done two years ago, three years ago, right? I was saying ‘Oh, it’ll be done in a few months,’ and then three years later it finally is done. So I just don’t want to make a promise that I can’t keep, or even a suggestion that I won’t be able to live up to.”


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