GAME SPOTLIGHT: Featherpunk Prime

Featherpunk Prime is a twin stick action-platformer mega mission with a mighty weapons arsenal, tricky procedural levels and colossal boss fights! It’s one super-agile Robo-Flamingo and its armoured sidekick against a horde of avian warbots; relentless, powerful and berserk! You’ll need skill, strategy and a slick trigger finger. Ascend the tower, execute the Guardians and take down the evil Cybirdroid Corporation…

Featherpunk Prime is inspired by some of the action in games like Mega Man and Super Metroid and the level generation of games like Spelunky and Rogue Legacy.

Super Hatch Games is a British game studio. At our core we are a two man team. We are both ex-Sony developers. We are passionate about creating exciting and engaging games for gamers, full of personality and cool, crazy ideas.

● Be a super-badass-robo-flamingo!

● Unlock and Upgrade your skills and abilities

● Challenging and strategical Combat

● Unleash an arsenal of mighty weapons!

● Brutal boss fights against berserk and relentless creatures

● Randomised tower configuration on each play

● Collect Archive Data to uncover the backstory of your adventure


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