Economica changes the name and gets release date

Astragon Software has revealed that its business simulation game Economica: Future Industries has been renamed to Industry Manager: Future Technologies and the game will be available on 7th July, 2016.

One of the main features of the game is that it’ll take place over a long period of time. Random events will occur and “players will experience the ups and downs of their chosen market including unexpected events that may lead to a complete change of strategy. They will need to decide on the number of different production buildings, the most efficient and cost effective means of transportation of their goods along with the appropriate wages for their staff.” This includes building a research department to find new products as the current product becomes obsolete.

“When you start the game you will need to buy a sector on the map so that you can actually place buildings for your production chains. And in fact it can be quite a heavy decision as sectors are completely different. Not all resources are available in each sector. And even if they are available their amount varies. In some sectors oil is more common and therefore can produced quite quickly. In other sectors it is rare and it will take ages to get it out of the earth.”


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