Shot Online Announces Major March Update

WEBZEN ONNET and GamesCampus today announced that its popular PC-action/role-playing golf title Shot Online will bring its latest content update and brand-new features on 15th March, 2016.

Mixing professional golf with RPG and competitive mechanics, Shot Online brings the world of competitive sports straight to the user. Shot Online is a highly accurate simulation with deep role-playing elements, making it more than just an online sports game. These RPG qualities are what make Shot Online the addictive game it is, with community interaction alongside character levels and enhancements.

With the newest update, a long awaited expansion, Scenario 5 Quests will become available for the Shot Online communities, expanding a current storyline by more than 5,000 minutes and providing an additional 160 quests in total. Scenario 5 allows players to meet the NPC André Lieu for the first time, and to use the new function named ‘André’s Knowhow’. In addition, players who achieve the new title of World Pro III will receive a World Pro Ball [45%], a new World Driver and an enhanced World Pro Buff as a reward.

The March content update also brings AI Golfman and AI Partner. AI Golfman is a bot that appears when 1 of a 4-player team leaves the game after the 9th hole of an 18-hole round, allowing players to continue to receive EXP x4 or other benefits. Normal, Hard, and Normal/Hard Random courses are only available with Stroke and 18-hole rounds.

AI Partner is a bot that can play entire rounds with another player, allowing them to receive the benefits of co-playing. Players are permitted only 1 partner per account, and can call their partner by opening the Partner Contact Item and selecting from four difficulty levels.



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