Blade & Soul First Expansion release date

First expansion for the new MMORPG is coming very quickly, well, tomorrow already.

The level cap goes up to 50 with this new expansion and Hongmoon level cap rises to 10.

“It’s also the biggest leap forward in the ongoing story, bringing players one step closer to unraveling the engaging world narrative, and revenge for their school and master,” reads a line from its description.

“Continue your story of vengeance as you travel to this vast new landscape within the Earthen Realm. From the verdant Primeval Forests to the icy peaks of Shiverstone Range, your dangerous and violent path of revenge is juxtaposed by beautiful and astounding backdrops.”

Silverfrost Mountains also adds eight new dungeons–five Expert and three Heroic–which can be played with four or six players. There are also new 24-player open world instances called Frostscale Basin and Beastbog, while a new PvP zone can be found in the Soulstone Plains.

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