The goal of Ragnorium is to stay alive in a dark claustrophobic world with 300 other players and to rebuild civilization by capturing outposts during a zombie apocalypse that has befallen the in-game world.

The player begins equipped with only their underwear and a plastic knife, and must begin exploring a large futuristic post-apocalyptic fictional continent for loot. These supplies include food, clothes, weapons, building materials and other stuff. Clothing that player finds will not only allow the player to customize their character, but can also bring the benefit of extra storage space for supplies and protection as players will need to protect themselves from the dead walkers and other players if necessary.


Server capable of hosting 300 players same time
Cage your friends!
Fart, and then burn it!
Poop On Other Players
Torture Other Players
Cut Tongue and then eat it
Take Shower with other players
Equip Customization System
Crafting System
Skill System
Base Building System
Clan System
Ability to host own server
Tons of different items and over 150 different hats and more coming


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