“Asterix & Friends” celebrates its “Smashing Holidays”

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, a Spring event called “A smashing holiday“ starts today in “Asterix & Friends”.

Village Brawl winners will get double the points and Ekonomikrisis will have exclusive offers in store until 28th of March. The event will also feature a scavenger hunt on Facebook. 

Exciting holidays are coming up in Gaul. During the “Smashing holiday”,  the whole village is meeting up for big brawls. Whether they carry a stinking fish, a Menhir or even a rolling pin, any weapon that can help you win is allowed. And winning is really worth it! Players can get twice as many points if they succeed in the village brawl. But it’s not all celebrations: the Romans are merely waiting for the right moment to attack. Making sure to keep them in check will also be rewarded. Until the 28th of March, players will also get twice as many resistance points from defeating legions.

Ekonomikrisis’s shop will be open during the holiday season, and he will have some very special offers in store! Players should pay him a visit and seize the opportunity to buy some nice flowers for sesterce. They can also buy entire bouquets of flowers for Roman Helmets. Players can even take part in the big scavenger hunt on Facebook to gain item vouchers for “Asterix & Friends” by solving daily riddles.
The “Smashing Holidays” and all associated bonuses and activities will be available until the 28th of March.


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