Penalty Islands added in new Gloria Victis update

Two new islands have been added North of Stoneholm, reserved exclusively for players who are “exiled for acting unlawfully.” They will respawn here in “isolated camps” until their reputation is positive again.

The new islands are intended to put griefers and outlaws in a place where they are farther away from the starter zones, which were improved in this update. Each starter zone now has NPCs that help new players get settled in the world of Gloria Victis. Points of interest and “event chains” will be introduced in the future to further help new players.

New dynamic events tasking players with “reclaiming locations” or upgrading owned locations have been added. They are intended to give players goals that lead them towards “building [their] nation’s power.”

The Valley of Death has been improved. There are now barricades that players can hide behind to avoid arrows as they approach the fort that holds the flag. NPC mercenaries that help the teams now spawn “closer to the camps of each nation,” decreasing the downtime between when they spawn and when they group with players and giving said players a greater chance at reclaiming the fort.

Read more about his patch on the official Gloria Victis site.


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