PREVIEW: Moonshot

Status: Early Access

Developer: Pump Action Games

Publisher: Pump Action Games

Genre: Tank battle in space

Release date: TBA

Type: Single-Player

Upon acquiring Moonshot, I was hoping for a tank wars replica. What I got was an interesting concept that has the potential to be extremely fun if properly done.

Moonshot is a game in which you are a tank and your primary mission is to defeat all other opposing players by force. You are stationed in space and are able to circumnavigate any planet your own. Moonshots uniqueness let’s you move about and even thrust off to other planets. So instead of being stuck to one place, you are able to move about freely in a sense in space. The thrust controls take a bit of practice to properly familiarize oneself. Once you get this down, moving from planet to planet while shooting becomes feasible. It can also make for some competitive game play as shooting a moving target is not easy. The shooting scheme itself is not that bad. The gravity of the planets can affect your shot depending on weak the power is. Obviously, the more power means less gravitational influence on the shot. Adding more power isn’t always necessarily what you want. The advantage is to use the gravity and try to psych out players with shots that are difficult to dodge. If you want to unleash some mayhem, you are able to transform your tank into what’s called “siege mode”. Siege mode fixates your tank to one position but makes firing a heck of a lot more effective. Pressing both triggers at once will initiate a shield to generate to protect your tank. It’s pretty hard at first to remember this feature when you start out as you’ll want to bounce everywhere but this can play a very vital role in tactics when used properly.

There are power ups that drop in throughout the game. These power ups have some pretty nice visuals and have some crazy damage effects. What I like about the game is its fluidity. When being shot, you’re not completely eliminated from the game entirely. Once your tank is blown up, there is a good chance a space man will start floating around. You have some control of the space man but are extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. He will get back into his tank as soon as you are able to land safely on another moon. The moon’s themselves can be chipped away at (which is a great feature) and other “sun” moons (that are on fire) can use their gravity to pull you into your death. The game is quite good at its function and it’s inception. Issue now is taking it to a whole new level. I believe a lot more game modes need to be added with more interactive space debris. I like landing on moons and sometimes asteroids, but what else can you think of? Maybe a space station that rotates or has a death trap on one side? Modes are definitely something worth a look as changing the rules of a game is what can make a game go from good to great.

The graphics are quite suitable to the game and it’s atmosphere. It resembles the game Planets Under Attack. I think some animations could be fine tuned a bit better for smoothness but overall it’s appealing. The sounds are good (a little loud at first) but would like to hear variation in shots. The player will be shooting a lot, why not have fun with it even? Maybe have some shots make a duck sound or steam notification sound in different frequencies? Sound diversity can really fine tune a game in the best ways possible and provide for an even immersive experience.

Overall the game is decent at this point. There is a lot of potential but it’s going to take some creative thinking to take this game to an immersive level. The price tag is quite stiff and would only recommend buying it if it REALLY appeals to you. Otherwise, it’s probably best to wait for a good reasonable sale price.

This game was previewed by RockstarCRO, go and check his other reviews.


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