Warpportal is now in charge of Ragnarok Online II

Warpportal has placed an announcement on its forum to announce that it has taken over development of Ragnarok Online II.

We can look forward to the following in Ragnarok 2’s future:

  • Niflheim: New zones, new monsters, new quests, and more activities to explore
  • More Solo Dungeon experiences
  • S Rank Update: New Skills, stats, and other updates plus balancing!
  • New Vanity and Costume sets
  • Stat, Skill, and Formula balance and updating
  • Leveling, quest, and zone balancing and updating
  • Improvement of secondary systems such as refinement, honing, cards, DNA, and more
  • Updates to existing content such as War of Emperium, Unions, and more
  • Addressing bug problems, exploits, and feedback in a more timely manner
  • Endless, horrible, and cringeworthy puns from our CM staff
  • Adjusting Cheny, Diamonds, Scrolls, and other related content
  • Updating the Kafra Shop items and prices
  • And many more changes to come

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