Developer entrusts all users with Game Master rights

Developer HanmaruSoft and publisher InselGames setting a new innovative course for their Sci Fi MMORPG Trinium Wars.

As of now, all players will be promoted to Game Masters and therefore gain access to the mighty GM commands. This is meant to make the game a self governed system.

Publisher InselGames and developer HanmaruSoft have shown a lot of confidence in their community today. While online games are normally being moderated through Game Masters coming from the developer or support team, Trinium Wars boldly tries a completely different approach. As of now, players receive GM rights from the start. With these rights, they will be able to moderate themselves and make decisions at will, like leveling up their character, giving themselves free gold, spawning monsters or even going into god-mode.

“We have arrived in an era, where users can and want to look after themselves. While democracy and freedom of speech are getting more and more restricted in our reality, we want to set a clear sign for separation of power. We are absolutely confident that our community is mature enough to handle the responsibility that goes with the GM rights”, says InselGames CEO Patrick Streppel. It is now up to the community to not let Trinium Wars turn into an anarchic warlike state.

Trinium Wars is out now on Early Access and can be bought in the Steam Store.


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