Did hackers implement mermaids in their fishing MMO?

Publisher InselGames and developer Masangsoft are confronted with a curious problem. Players are reporting mermaids roaming the waters of their big game fishing MMO “World of Fishing”. The thing is, the feature has never been implemented and can not be found in the source code.

It might be one of the most famous cock-and-bull stories of all time: Mermaids. Hackers seem to have brought this fairytale to life in “World of Fishing” as player reports about mermaid sightings have increased recently. What has been taken as a joke made by the community, has now turned into a real scavenger hunt. Because the feature has never been programmed by Masangsoft, both developer and users are on the hunt and closing in on the mermaids myth.
“Even though we feel like the feature is a nice extension to the game, we would really like to protect the Mermaids from our user’s hooks and release them to the wild unharmed. We would appreciate it if the person responsible for this would get in touch with us and we are also thankful for every hint leading to the perpetrators”, says Patrick Streppel, CEO of InselGames Ltd. The developer team has not been able to track down and extract the responsible code. It is still unclear how the hackers got access and how they could manipulate the code from the outside, although there have been similar cases in the past in other games, like the “Hot Coffee” scandal.


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