Nosgoth is shutting down

You can’t always make a great game, Nosgoth is certainly a lesson to a Psyonix, same guys that made Rocket League.

“It is with regret that today we can confirm that development for Nosgoth has officially ceased and we are winding down support for the game,” a Square Enix community manager explained.

The game will continue to be playable until May 31, but all microtransactions have been turned off. After May 31, the Nosgoth servers will go down for good.

“On behalf of the entire Nosgoth team we want to thank the community for all their feedback, support and dedication to the game during the closed and open beta phases,” the Square Enix rep added. “It’s been a pleasure to build this game with your help, but ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.”

A FAQ goes on to explain that if you made any purchase after March 1, you will receive a refund automatically with no further action required on your part. Additionally, the ESL’s Nosgoth Open Cup tournament will take place as planned later this month, but the series will end after that.

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