GAME SPOTLIGHT: Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises is a medieval real time strategy game set in the lands of Spero during the Order of Dawn’s rise to power, featuring a single player RTS campaign and multiplayer battle ground combat.

  • Single Player Campaign:

    Our story begins in the Plains of Spero, where six great city states rule over the land. Tensions have risen to boiling point, and several powerful city lords wish take control of the region and make themselves king. Peaceful negotiations give way to all out war, plunging the region into chaos. Lords fight against each other to gain power and land, each hoping to become king.

    You start as a minor Lord of the City of Avon, one of Spero’s six city states. Lord Avon has sent you out to form a new city in a strategically desirable part of the realm and defeat anyone seeking to claim those lands for themselves. Along the way you will meet a rising leader who seeks to unite the warring Lords under one order – the Order of Dawn.

  • Multiplayer:

    Take the battle to your enemies in our online multiplayer battlegrounds! Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises supports up to six players in both team vs team and one vs all combat, where no one is safe! Build your cities and armies in our traditional Conflict Mode, or jump straight into the action with our fast-paced Battle Mode, which allows players to take preselected armies into battle and fight for victory!

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