Morgana Faction Rework in Development

Sandbox Interactive unveiled the upcoming Morgana faction rework, which is currently in development for their sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. The faction overhaul will be split up into several phases, with the first part being revealed today.

Strongly focusing on high-tier players and group-play content, the Morgana faction will be made significantly more varied and engaging with an abundance of new spells. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that players will be forced to think more carefully about party composition and strategy to face these new challenges successfully.

The developer describes several of the upcoming spells, most notable for the new Disciple specializations: the Summoner, the Infester and the Conjurer. In addition to the group content in dungeons becoming more challenging, players will also encounter the overhauled Disciple mobs in the vast open world of Albion.

A more extensive look into the Morgana faction rework development can be found on the Albion Online website:


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