Koei Tecmo Europe today revealed new information on the bonus content available for pre-ordering Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII ahead of its scheduled release on 8th July 2016. Celebrating the series 30th anniversary, the game will be available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system (physical and digital), and PC via Steam®.

Koei Tecmo Europe revealed further information on the in-depth battle system of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, where players can experience all kinds of warfare; open field, narrow pass, naval, duel and debates. An important part of the strategy process is Debates. These intense conversations present the ability to convince lords to act in certain ways, as well as to raise support, to benefit your cause. Duels, on the other hand, replace words with weapons and are executed in a turn-based system. Carrying out a duel will present bonuses for players within the battle, useful to getting the upper-hand on your opponent. For further strategic advantage, Siege battles can even be initiated during an on-going battle. Creating a blockade around the enemy stronghold allows it to be taken over more effectively with your army.

Naval battles have been further perfected in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, allowing the navy to create strategic blockades or carry out skirmishes on vast rivers. On land, Narrow Pass battles involve holding a strategic pass or creating a line of defense of a narrow passage. Finally open field battles are large scale fights where the player can dynamically control the course of battle. Organise your units to be placed in the best vantage point for an attack, allowing you to have the upper hand against your opponent. These different strategic options are further brought to life with a wide selection of beautiful battlegrounds, where players will find a greater hands-on view of the battle, allowing them to efficiently plan their battle tactics.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII forces players to make important decisions, which are a huge factor in the strategic gameplay, shaping armies’ experience in the different kinds of warfare available. On top of these strategic advantages, officers have unique abilities and special attacks which can be used to offer a bonus to their army.

Additionally, Koei Tecmo announced three different bonus scenarios to be offered to fans who pre-order Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII from select retailers. Independent Retailers will receive the scenario “The Battle of Red Cliffs”. Within this exciting scenario, fan favourite Cao Cao has captured Jing and is preparing his attack upon Sun Quan’s Yang Province. Alternatively, Amazon pre-orders will receive the “Thirteen Heroes” scenario, which follows thirteen chosen heroes who will gather together to compete for control of the land. The final scenario “Punitive Expedition to Lu Bu” is exclusively available to those who purchase through the PlayStation®Network Store within the first month after launch. Lu Bu has successfully tricked Liu Bei to gain control of the Xu Province, but Liu Bei and Cao Cao have joined forces to reclaim the land

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