Survarium’s Road for the Next Year

The Survarium team has posted an extensive look at what they will be working on during the forthcoming year as well as a look back at the features and improvements the game has undergone since October of last year.

For the next year, development will continue in these areas:

Technical innovations

  • Improvement of the new graphics renderer.
  • New character controller and navigation mesh (required for introducing bots).
  • Network synchronization improvements (continuous tickrate, ping impacts).
  • Server-side anticheat.


  • 1-2 new game modes.
  • New game map.
  • Global map mode (clan battles).
  • Proper system of player rankings.
  • The remaining skilltrees and supplies introduced.
  • New weapons and gear items.


  • Non-player characters (bots).
  • Co-operative missions.

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