Need for Speed gets new events

Need for Speed has received a new update, which adds new events to both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

SpeedLists bring a series of five predetermined events for competition amongst human players in Quick Play, Speed, Style, or Mixed modes. Each event earns you points for the place you finish at, and whoever has the most points at the end wins. Once the winner is decided, you can sit put and wait for another SpeedList to start. Playing will earn you a title from Street Urchin to World Champion; you can take a look at the full list at the bottom of the article.

Prestige mode comes once you finish the solo campaign. It adds a new app to the in-game phone, which lets you to switch between regular and Prestige events whenever you like. The new events are more challenging versions of the ones you played throughout the story.

New Activities come in the form of Drift Corners and Speed Runs and will test your drifting and speed control skills. All you have to do is approach a specific corner and drift around it for points, or drive through a Speed Run as fast as possible. Keeping yourself from running into a wall or anything else will get you a better score.

You can see the full list of patch notes on Need For Speed’s website

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