Beef City Online With the Release of the Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Beta

Independent developers Boneloaf and Coatsink open the online multiplayer beta for Gang Beasts, the silly multiplayer party game with hostile gelatinous characters fighting in the hazardous streets and buildings of Beef City.

Opening the online multiplayer beta to Steam users will give players access to game modes for fighting with friends (and enemies) without needing to leave their home. The initial online multiplayer build is limited to three test stages with new stages, game modes and additional server capacity coming in subsequent releases. The support for online game modes will be merged into the default Gang Beasts Early Access builds when the online multiplayer beta testing has ended.

“We are frequently asked to implement support for online multiplayer game modes in Gang Beasts but couldn’t commit to publicly testing online support without securing the necessary infrastructure and technical resources,” said James Brown, Director at Boneloaf. “With Coatsink’s support and the support of platform holders, we are now in a position to extend our internal play testing to the Steam community.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Boneloaf on this project throughout, and now we’re really excited to help bring online multiplayer to Gang Beasts,” said Tom Beardsmore, CEO at Coatsink. “Not only is it a natural progression for the game, but we know the community has been clamoring for it – and it always feels good to be able to deliver something that players really want.”

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