Simulate your life in dystopian world

“Beholder” is a simulation of the life of an ordinary human being within a frightening dystopian world in which the State controls the actions of every citizen, including your character..

You play as the State-installed manager of a busy apartment complex. Your main task is to spy on your tenants. In other words, peeping on people and eavesdropping are your job! This entails entering the dwellings of your tenants while they’re gone, installing hidden surveillance equipment, and searching their rooms for anything that threatens the authority of the State.


  • Grim dystopian world. “Beholder” will be set within a grim dystopian world, where an atmosphere of absolute control and total State surveillance weighs heavy in the air. Anyone can be an enemy of the ruling authority. Neither adults, nor the elderly, nor kids are safe.
  • Total surveillance. You will have to spy on the homes of your residents. Different types of surveillance cameras (ranging from simple cameras with a small viewing angle to large-format night vision cameras with recording functions), and tapping devices will be at your disposal. Frequent searches of each apartment will enable you to find evidence that proves someone’s guilt.
  • State control. Every day, the State will publish mandatory directives. As the manager of the apartment, you are responsible for monitoring whether or not the people living under your roof are following these orders. If someone refuses to comply, he or she could be charged with aiding the enemy and shot. What’s prohibited today? Books, topics of conversation, household items, and luxuries? Everything that’s legal today could be banned tomorrow.
  • Accusations. A bureaucratic state requires constant paperwork characterizing each occupant and providing reports about their behavior and conversations. If you can prove someone has violated the law, the tenant will be arrested and punished.
  • Collecting information. By searching the apartments of your tenants, you’ll find information about their personalities and private lives, and put together a detailed dossier of every resident. A clean-cut math professor might be a violent choleric who attacks his neighbors, while a friendly baker might be turning customers against the State behind your back.
  • Moral choice. You will decide what to do with the information you collect. For example, you could follow the letter of the law and make an official dossier that results in the punishment of the violator. But this is not your only option, as you could also protect your tenants from inspections and arrests and still make a profit by blackmailing those who violate the law. But will writing an accusation be easy when the offender is a member of your family?
  • Unique heroes. “Beholder” features over 30 unique heroes, each with his or her own story, personality, hobbies, and animations. Also, the behavior of the tenants changes depending on in-game events as well as the decisions you make.
  • Black market. The shelves in the State stores were emptied long ago, so in order to buy something worthwhile, one has to pull strings. The tenants have different jobs, and can therefore provide you with access to various goods. Alas, only those with pull can buy them.
  • Interaction with residents. The player has eight apartments to rent plus a kitchen and a laundry room. The premises must be kept in good order, repaired on time, and upgraded in order to house wealthier residents and receive more income. The player should talk to every person, get to know their anxieties and complaints, find out what’s new in their lives, and give them gifts in order to secure their trust. The better the tenant treats you, the more he or she can prove to be useful by reporting necessary information, selling unique items, and sharing their life story. If a tenant’s trust level is critically low, he or she might start fighting.
  • Different game strategies. There are different ways of achieving a goal. By changing your style of play, you can establish a trusting relationship with a resident and gain access to new goods. Or you could put together a detailed dossier and then acquire these goods by means of blackmail. Finally, you could try stealing the goods without regard for the consequences.
  • A flexible plot. The outcome of the main story and every available side story will depend on you. Every decision you make will influence the direction the story takes. You can experience up to ten different game endings by choosing different strategies. Will the resistance win? Will the State increase its authority? Will the values of the residents change? Will you be sent to prison? Will your family survive?

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