PREVIEW: Maximum Overdrive

Status: Early Access

Developer: Alientrap

Publisher: Alientrap

Genre: Destruction of city game

Release date: TBA

Type: Single–player

If you like breaking things mindlessly, this game may be for you. If you’re a kid this will probably appeal big time to you (minus the gore/blood that comes from hurting people). It’s not a bad game and a slightly demanding price but as I said, if breaking things appeals to you, this may be for you. Remember though, this game is still in early access as currently there are three maps! I would highly recommend doing your homework before purchasing. As of now, the game only has two playable levels.

I can’t help but to think of the game Demolition Inc. The biggest difference is that you are not limited in your moves and this is not a puzzle game. Literally almost anything can be destroyed. So far running over cars with a tank or trying to make certain objects explode are slightly awkward but for the most part it works. The gameplay of this game is decent at best for the moment. The controls are a little stiff as well as the camera controls. This is sheer destruction or objectively driven. In destruction mode, you simply destroy as much as you can to acquire as many points as you can. This may be the preferred mode for most players. In objective mode, the player must kill certain citizens (gmen). You also have a time limit to complete this objective. The last game mode is Zen where you can simply break anything you want without any timers or objectives. Some of the destruction is a bit awkward as well. There will be buildings that look like they should collapse with 3 walls gone, but they don’t. This may be an aspect that needs some work.

The unique aspect of this game is that there are certain objects the player is able to take control of. Some of these objects include cars, special cars, a giant rolling globe, a monster truck, vending machines, a crane with a destruction ball (although the cord goes through some buildings), fire hydrants, helicopters, military helicopters with the ability to fire an unlimited amount of missiles, a tank, a mech and a UFO. The mech and the UFO are sort of “hidden” under a dome. To unlock these special objects, the player is required to destroy the locking mechanisms that surround the dome. These locking mechanisms are fairly easy to break but it takes away from the time you have left! Helicopters are quite difficult to fly (as in its awkward keeping them in the air and pointing to where you want to point/go). The car controls are decent, nothing over the top. There isn’t a hand break feature or horn and acceleration tops out quickly. The player may shoot with the tank but the blast radius isn’t significant.

The visuals are at best decent and sort of resemble a mind craft graphic except it’s smoother. There are some nice demolition effects but sometimes it can be questionable (a building standing on one leg). The sounds are decent and are at best average. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to add some diversity here.

Overall, I appreciate the dev putting in special vehicles such as the mech and UFO. I would like to see development in this area in regards to including more obscene and crazy controllable objects. Also, don’t be afraid to play with the scenery too. Add some boulders out on the mountains, trees that can fall, maybe even the ability to control the weather? There is a lot that can be added to a lot more depth in the game. I would say highly consider adding new game modes. Changing the rules of the game can increase interest! Destroy only this, break these buildings down but not these ones, destroy as many “X” as you can, defend so and so from the military. You can even throw in a sumo mode and maybe even develop the multiplayer aspect of the game (break more than the opponent)? Definitely keep adding maps as well! Also, please add an option for the gore! More maps are definitely needed and try to diversify the landscape (maybe even make that break-able… land slide maybe)? Also, keep adding objects be it vehicles or stuff you see walking along the street. The more you add here, the more bang for our buck we’ll get.

This game was previewed by RockstarCRO, go and check his other reviews.

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