Trinium Wars gets “Puton Conflict” update

Players of Sci Fi MMORPG Trinium Wars by developer Hanmarusoft and publisher InselGames can gear up for new challenges. The “Puton Conflict” update opens up a brand new area with exciting new quests, increasing the max. Level to 40.The war for precious Trinium rages on. Humans and Narc have conquered parts of Puton and set up their tactical outposts. But only the most experienced warriors should attempt the journey to this dangerous area that is filled with dunes and surrounded by mountains. In this barren land, devoid of trees and filled with blazing heat, only the fittest survive. So it is no surprise that the harsh environment and high radiation made the former inhabitants of Puton the most dangerous monsters seen so far.

Puton is open for players that have reached level 30. The update adds new quests to Trinium Wars, telling a story about sabotage, treachery and giant apemen. In addition the level cap is raised from 30 to 40 and adds a variety of new items.
After the Dungeon update in April, “Puton Conflict”  is the next content update in a short amount of time. Furthermore publisher InselGames invites players to participate in the Resource War every Saturday, where up to 1000 players can compete against each other and gather important resources.

Now is the perfect time to try out Trinium Wars as it is 50% off on Steam for the whole week.


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