Albion Online – Launchdate for Content Update “Darian” announced

Sandbox Interactive announced the release date for “Darian”, the next content update coming to their sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. The update is set to release on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
The following will be included in the Darian update:
  • Morgana Faction Rework, making high-tier PvE more interactive and challenging.
  • Morgana-themed Furniture, bringing new placeable furniture item drops to the game.
  • 12 New Weapon Spells, providing an array of unique combinations and tactical choices.
  • Item Study Crafting, allowing you to deconstruct items for fame progression.
  • Learning Point System Improvements, allowing players to spend their surplus Learning Points more easily.
  • Various Fixes and Improvements, including improved localization.
This update will pave the way for Albion Online’s second beta phase, which will bring the long-awaited New World map and a wipe later this summer.

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