PREVIEW: Killing Floor 2

Status: Early Access

Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

Genre: Co-op survival/versus

Release date: TBA

Type: Single–player, Multi-player, Co-op

The original Killing Floor was created as a mod in Unreal Tournament 2004, but in 2009 it was officially released. After few years of developing we finally got the sequel, Killing Floor 2.

For all of you that never heard or never saw any Killing Floor game in action, it’s basically surviving waves of the zombies and other creatures named ZEDs. There is a story, but it’s completely irrelevant in this game. In the original Killing Floor, one company named Horzine Biotech made some military biochemical experiments and as always something went wrong and entire London became affected by the experiments and people started to transform to ZEDs. In the sequel, the outbreak spreaded on entire Europe. KF 2 is happening one month after the first KF.

Killing Floor 2 is an online co-op game (up to 6 players) with option for a solo-play. You kill the ZEDs through numbers of waves and having a break between each wave. While break, you go to the trading pot and buy, upgrade and refill your weapons and equipment. As much as the KF 2 is different from KF, it’s still almost the same game. Probably the biggest change are the graphics and the gore/horror of the game. I remember reading and writing news about, how the developers of the game have put a focus on the gore, horror, blood in the game and I must agree with them. This is one of those games in which you want to see more blood, gore and everything that goes with it. That’s why the original was popular and the sequel too. Now, someone could think that only psychos play this game (hopefully not!). The game is almost one year in Early Access and I was surprised, because I thought this was a released game. I don’t know how much game was updated and how much content was added since the game entered Early Access, but KF 2 looks like a finished game.

As I said, the maximum players per game is 6 if you don’t count custom servers that allow more players. After choosing the server and before entering the game, you must choose between 7 classes: Berserker, Commando, Support, Field Medic, Demolitionist, Firebug, Gunslinger. This certainly adds diversity to the game and allows players to make better strategies, because as you progress through the waves, they are getting harder and harder. I didn’t play original Killing Floor for a long time, so I don’t know are all ZEDs from the original appearing in the sequel, but there are of course some new ZEDs. Boss fights are pretty much easy on the lower difficulties, but on higher difficulties they can be pain in the ass. ZEDs are also much more smarter and “aggressive” than they are in the original. That’s a positive change and difference between the games. This all depends on the difficulty of the server. There are four difficulties: normal, hard, suicidal and hell on earth. As a beginner, it’s always good to play on normal and hard difficulty, because it’s very hard to play on suicidal or hell on earth difficulty and stay alive. I think that perks is what makes a difference between players and in the gameplay, especially as you level up the class. Mainly the perks are different for each class, but there are some classes with the same perk. As this is an early access game, it’s obvious that there is lack of content. In KF 2, weapons are that lack. I started to play with Berserker and you have like 5-6 weapons available at the moment. It’s not a bad class to play with, but since it doesn’t have a lot of weapons to choose from, I think you should avoid it for now and choose some other.

There are 8 maps at the moment, they are different by the size and the theme. If you remember, the KF 2 is happening all over the Europe, because of the ZED outbreak from London. I can say that maps are good designed, not maybe the best, but certainly not the worst. I hope that there will be new maps, the more maps the better game is, in my opinion. The game has in-game store, but don’t worry, you can only buy some cosmetics, keys to open the USB and two supply crates. You can use cosmetics on one of 7 characters in the game. My favourite is Mr. Foster and only because of the gas mask, I don’t know why, but I always admired the gas mask and how it looks. Maybe the reason of that is because I love watching horror movies and you know what gas mask means in horror genre. One more thing that I need to mention is the music in the game (while playing). The soundtracks are amazing, especially when I am the fan of the metal music. This was just like made for my ears.

Since the introduction of the early access program, I’ve seen people specializing only for early access games. They warn people is that game worth of buying while it’s in early access or not. I can say that Killing Floor 2 is certainly a top notch of the early access and you can’t be wrong with getting this game. It’s fun, bloody, gore, horror, intensive, just everything that one co-op survival shooter game needs. PCGN policy is that we don’t judge the games that are in early access, but when you get some really good or really bad game, then I think my job is to either recommend the game or warn people to not buy this game, yet! I will make a exception here and say that I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t get KF 2. I also saw a lot of bad or not recommendable reviews in which they complain about micro transactions and some things being kicked out of the game, I don’t know what was happening in previous months, but when you look in which state is the game now, I think the game is good and fun. If you worry about player base, don’t worry. The game maybe isn’t so popular as it was, but they are still more than 1000 people playing it everyday. I never had problems with finding the server to play. You can always choose matchmaking, but why would you use it if there is a server browser.

The game has the all basics and more than that. You can only expect more and more content to be added in the future and I think the full release of the game is closing in. If you don’t have a problem with gore, violence and blood + the early access, get this game and have fun.

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